Today and Next Week

Today for our discussion of journal publication, we have a special guest, Heloise Abtahi, the managing editor of ESQ.  She’ll be with us for the first half hour or so.

Next week, we will have our in-class conference in the Bundy Reading Room.

Conference papers should be 15 minutes long, or about 7-8 pages. This paper, which is a short version of your longer paper, is sent to your respondent. You don’t have to send it to me.

Respondents will prepare a 3-5 minute commentary (can be bullet points) discussing strengths, areas for more development, and future directions.

The full version of the paper is due to me on 12/10, unless you take the extension.

Conference Panels:

Panel I.

  1. “Sex and power in Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the D’urbervilles”
    Jordan Engleke
    Respondent: Kara Falknor
  2. The Fixing of Women in McTeague
    Kara Falknor
    Respondent: Amy Goldman
  3. “Paper 2 on The Monster”
    Amy Goldman
    Respondent: Jordan Engelke

Panel II.

  1. “Beyond Sex and Greed: Obsession with Ideological Representations of Gender Economy in Frank Norris’ McTeague”
    Curtis Harty
    Respondent: Allyson Herkowski
  2. “Romanticism vs. Naturalism: Naturalism’s Fight for Independence”
    Allyson Herkowski
    Respondent: Amy May
  3. “Solidarity in Viewing the Commodified Female Body Confined: Emilio Pardo Bazan’s ‘Piña’ and Maria Christina Mena’s ‘The Gold Vanity Set'”
    Amy May
    Respondent: Curtis Harty

Panel III.

  1. “The Sympathetic Brute in L’Assommoir, McTeague, and Of Mice and Men”
    Lissa Scott
    Respondent: Richard Snyder
  2. “Zola’s Cybernetic City: Experimental Space in L’Assommoir
    Richard Snyder
    Respondent: Cyn Zavala
  3. “Instinct vs Institution: Gender and Sexual Determinism in McTeague and The Awakening
    Cyn Zavala
    Respondent: Lissa Scott





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