Professional Development Topics

  1. How to access the MLA bibliography, Griffin, and Summit
  2. How to use the MLA bibliography and Interlibrary Loan; where to find journals (MLA Directory) to send your work
  3. Where to access historical materials (newspapers, etc.) for research, both online and off (Hathi Trust, Historical NY Times, Book Review Digest Retrospective, Google Books,, Modernist Journals Online, EEBO, Brown Women Writers Project, Making of America Project)
  4. Where to find calls for papers, especially for local conferences, and how to identify the usual calendar cycle for them (Penn, SSAWW, listservs, Twitter, Facebook)
  5. How to respond to a CFP with an abstract or proposal
  6. Where to find reviews of recent print scholarship (American Literary Scholarship, Year’s Work in English Studies, ABELL- Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature, book reviews).
  7. Where to find reviews of recent online scholarship or scholarly projects: NINES, MERLOT, DHQ, etc.
  8. How to construct and read a conference paper: how to defend your work effectively and how to support a colleague.
  9. How to chair and/or respond to a conference panel
  10. How to write and prepare a manuscript for publication and a cover letter (end of semester)
  11. How to respond to a manuscript as a journal reader would (looking at various reader guidelines) (end of semester)
  12. How to write a book review.
  13. How to get the most out of a conference and what constitutes conference etiquette.
  14. Organizing a conference panel: Formulating the topic, writing the CFP, posting to appropriate venues, setting deadlines, accepting and rejecting proposals, gathering bios, putting together a panel proposal and submitting it.

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